Mind-Expansion month!



So for all those who want to explore, learn, and see new things but are too busy and broke to do so; I want to do the next best thing to stretch my mind to new places: Movies!

(shows allowed too)

These coming weeks, I want to watch the most mind-blowing movies/documentaries out there to get some fresh ideas in my mind. I’ll be making a calendar and posting, so any night you want to have a cuddle/food/movie night- please, join me. 🙂

With much more to come, soo far my list goes:

1. Oceans-  a gift given to me back in 2011 but I never fully watched all of them
2. Firefly Serenity- include all the shows that lead up to the movie.
3. The interrupters- about a group who decided to treat violence as a disease and “interrupt” it at its source.
4. Man on Wire- a dude who tight-roped across one of the deepest trenches with no net.
5. Beasts of the Southern Wild 🙂
6. Taxi to the dark side- From the producer of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Who Killed the Electric Car?- All the messes of the US government, from TSA to Guantanamo Bay.
7. The Square- Egyptian revolution. Enough said, because honestly, I don’t have a clue.
8. Ai WeiWei: Never sorry: Because I’m super ambivalent about this iconic artist badass.
9. Brave- never seen it but sounds like my life.
10. Midnight in Paris. Because I have an infatuation with stories.
11. Something from This list More like 3.
12. Fandango. About a bunch of college grads who have no clue what’s life about and growing up.

(Great Gatsby. Because pretty <3)

Add more! So far I’ve chosen only ones I have not seen, but definitely down to watch some more than once. Like The Motorcycle Diaries, for example.


Is it possible …


Is it possible to love someone completely, and feel free at the same time?

This year I made it a priority to be there fore people. And even now, with certain people I want to know that I have a right to love them. But other times I feel tied. I want to run away again. I now know this is where my wanderlust comes from – the need to be away from the potential to hurt and the vulnerability be hurt. When you travel by yourself, the only unexplored areas of life are physical. 

Where did you go, dear wanderlust?


I used to want to get away, to go to a world completely different from my own and see what I can learn there. After studying abroad, I had the idea of working internationally for a few years, and then maybe coming back to the United States.

China. Boston. Seattle. New York. Spain. Anywhere. 

But now, and I am looking at open job positions I find myself deleting all the posts that are in areas outside of…the Bay.

Wait, seriously?
A year ago, if I find myself saying things like “I don’t know, but I want to stay in the Bay- there’s so much to learn here” I would probably slap myself across the face. What jennytang, are you settled now? Are you cowarding in a comfort zone? What happened to always pushing yourself? 

I honestly don’t know. Maybe its because I finally found a community here where I feel safe, valued, and understood. Maybe I found a few people that have managed to touch my heart whom I learned to love.

Man, I am getting soft.
But seriously, should I stay? But I guess the choice isn’t mine- beggars can’t exactly be choosers.