And for the first time in a while

Senses muted
head down
let these lessons your fears drown.

eyes forward
deep breaths now
once again you’re safe and sound.

for now you chase nothing but hopes and dreams
and you’re heart’s no longer ripping its seams
for once and finally- you are free
hearing nothing but pounding feet
and with each step–your soul redeem.



love or die.


You are either seizing up in fear-binding yourself to what appears, friends, lovers, children, homes, work, your body, your thoughts, building up a sense of self, a whole inner world of comfort and ideas and hopes for the future and so forth—or you are surrendering it all, loving completely and letting go completely.

As much as it hurts your heart to feel everything and everyone, as terrifying as it is to surrender absolutely, your only real option is to love without boundaries, wide open. “
-David Deiga.

Question answered. Maybe. At least, for the moment.

Is it possible …


Is it possible to love someone completely, and feel free at the same time?

This year I made it a priority to be there fore people. And even now, with certain people I want to know that I have a right to love them. But other times I feel tied. I want to run away again. I now know this is where my wanderlust comes from – the need to be away from the potential to hurt and the vulnerability be hurt. When you travel by yourself, the only unexplored areas of life are physical.