A game of give and take

They say that sometimes, life gives you so many lessons that you can’t possibly process them all. None of what you write, read, or think about makes total sense. So recently I’ve taken a break- I found that while normally I enjoy my re-reading blog posts and journal musings, for the past few months whenever I go back and re-read, I cringe.

I find my thoughts incomplete, out of context, inconsistent, or over-dramatized. So I’ve been taking a break from writing down my thoughts- and stepping back to watch what exactly is happening with my brain. Slowly I’m gathering myself and finding some consistency, but until then, I’m having a great time being unpredictable and letting my jumbles of new emotions and ideas romp and fornicate.

Let’s see what happens, eh?

p.s. Goal for 2014: Be a light person.
pp.s. Goal 2 for 2014: Not cut my hair for 3 months and then shave part of my head.