The 2013 Finisher list of movies! (Kickoff movie 11/21-22)

Final list!  kickoff day: Thursday/Friday! (11/21 or 11/22nd!)

  1. Beasts of the Southern Wild
  2. The Interrupters
  3. Oceans (Crystal wanna watch together?)
  4. Firefly Serenity
  5. Taxi to the Dark Side
  6. Ai WeiWei- Never Sorry
  7. Midnight in Paris / Great Gatsby
  8. Product Details180 South (founding story of North Face and Patagonia)
  9. High Fidelity 
  10. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  11. Sound City 
  12. last Train home
  13. the creators
  14. (runners up) man on wire
  15. (runners up) the house I live in 
  16. Product Details(runners up)
  17. (if I can find the movie) a place called robertson
  18. (If movie available) The Anonymous people

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