Mind-Expansion month!



So for all those who want to explore, learn, and see new things but are too busy and broke to do so; I want to do the next best thing to stretch my mind to new places: Movies!

(shows allowed too)

These coming weeks, I want to watch the most mind-blowing movies/documentaries out there to get some fresh ideas in my mind. I’ll be making a calendar and posting, so any night you want to have a cuddle/food/movie night- please, join me. 🙂

With much more to come, soo far my list goes:

1. Oceans-  a gift given to me back in 2011 but I never fully watched all of them
2. Firefly Serenity- include all the shows that lead up to the movie.
3. The interrupters- about a group who decided to treat violence as a disease and “interrupt” it at its source.
4. Man on Wire- a dude who tight-roped across one of the deepest trenches with no net.
5. Beasts of the Southern Wild 🙂
6. Taxi to the dark side- From the producer of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Who Killed the Electric Car?- All the messes of the US government, from TSA to Guantanamo Bay.
7. The Square- Egyptian revolution. Enough said, because honestly, I don’t have a clue.
8. Ai WeiWei: Never sorry: Because I’m super ambivalent about this iconic artist badass.
9. Brave- never seen it but sounds like my life.
10. Midnight in Paris. Because I have an infatuation with stories.
11. Something from This list More like 3.
12. Fandango. About a bunch of college grads who have no clue what’s life about and growing up.

(Great Gatsby. Because pretty <3)

Add more! So far I’ve chosen only ones I have not seen, but definitely down to watch some more than once. Like The Motorcycle Diaries, for example.


3 thoughts on “Mind-Expansion month!

  1. I can´t share them with you (physically talking) but I´ll add them to my list! they sound really interesting! Brave and Midnight in Paris are a must!

  2. P.S: And if you want to laugh loudly with a real story watch “Intocable” (I think the original title is Intouchable…). My favourite one 🙂

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