Crampin my style

In my head I dance through life.  And life is the host that changes dance floors and music whenever it pleases. Everyone in this world is dancing with me, in this room or another, and we each find our own style & groove to whatever part of the music that resonates with us. Eventually, we become more comfortable with ourselves while learning more moves, and finding new people to dance with.

And if I dance through life, dating is like finding the ideal dance partner. Of course, someone catches the eye, and if things work out the little compromises lead to a great partnership that makes the experience better for both. And both styles work together, but are different enough so each learn from the other. And I had the privileged to experience that for a few months.

Recently my music changed to a new tune that I haven’t heard before, and I got scared. Instead of tuning in to feel this new beat, I started reacting too much to my dance partner. I lost confidence. I lost my own style. I lost my sense of give and take. I became possessive, passive-aggressive, and looked to other people for reassurance that I was dancing the “correct” way. I became so focused on being a good dance partner that I forgot how to dance on my own.


So, your jennytang is dancin free and solo for a while to learn a new life beat. And man, I am so so excited to experiment and make a fool of myself once again. And on one glorious day I’ll be able to work it like this guy- seriously, watch and weep in admiration:



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