Distant Thoughts

The concept of distance is a strange thing. 

There is a physical distance, like space. Is space registered in the brain like an entity or a lack-there of sensory input? What is far away if you can hear it as if its 4 inches away, smell it, and feel its resonating heat so close that you restrict your movement for fear of bumping into it? Only then to open you eyes and realize that it is actually 10 feet away. What if that sensory disjuncture happened to you?

Something even trickier is emotional distance. Inspired by Bonnie’s post, I realized that some relationships need to be enforced through physical presence, words, etc. Others you can not speak or mention of each other for months but still talk as though following up on yesterday’s conversation. Sometimes distance is felt by only one party, often being the person pulling away. And of course, others run away because they feel suffocated. What exactly is feeling “close” to someone? What is feeling distant? More than conversations, commonalities, attraction, or trust. Perhaps feeling “close” is the magical result that truly is more than the sum of its parts. Channels of human bonds have been on my mind for a while, and I would love to hear your thoughts. .


a happy jennytang is a sheep



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