Aaaand mind goes “fart.”

The difference between the human and a robot is that while the robot purpose is to serve a measurable, accountable purpose, my goal is to express love in the fullest manner. Through, breathing, talking, doing, everything.

I’m perfectly ok with leaving this earth forgotten, as long as I pay back everything I took from the world and repaid all my damages.
…And no one ever said that the human goal should be a permanent change. The changes we make might be temporal, but then again, so are our lives, and everything around us has are created and destroyed.

Except—an idea. Maybe that’s why I sometimes do things more for principle than impact? If I want to leave any footprint, I want to help transfer to the future generations an idea. Instead of handing them an inheritance of physical progress, Perhaps I want to empower them with an armor called hope and a sword called vision, and thus be able to fully embrace and face a world that will be then theirs and theirs alone.


Who knows, one step at a time, lets work on being sustainable by sustaining myself, eh? Forward jobsearch!



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