Feeling emotion is like being soaking wet. Eventually we can learn to live with it but it seeps into every decision we make with our day and sometimes it dries off and we can finally feel free and comfortable and dry. But until then, i will be coated and this coating is meant to happen maybe its some protection to brace myself but until I know and find and complete the discovery what this armor is meant to help me with–I will continue to wear it and be slightly chilly and damp.

Dear sun, sometimes I wish I can call you out on demand.

Aaaand mind goes “fart.”

The difference between the human and a robot is that while the robot purpose is to serve a measurable, accountable purpose, my goal is to express love in the fullest manner. Through, breathing, talking, doing, everything.

I’m perfectly ok with leaving this earth forgotten, as long as I pay back everything I took from the world and repaid all my damages.
…And no one ever said that the human goal should be a permanent change. The changes we make might be temporal, but then again, so are our lives, and everything around us has are created and destroyed.

Except—an idea. Maybe that’s why I sometimes do things more for principle than impact? If I want to leave any footprint, I want to help transfer to the future generations an idea. Instead of handing them an inheritance of physical progress, Perhaps I want to empower them with an armor called hope and a sword called vision, and thus be able to fully embrace and face a world that will be then theirs and theirs alone.


Who knows, one step at a time, lets work on being sustainable by sustaining myself, eh? Forward jobsearch!