Where did you go, dear wanderlust?


I used to want to get away, to go to a world completely different from my own and see what I can learn there. After studying abroad, I had the idea of working internationally for a few years, and then maybe coming back to the United States.

China. Boston. Seattle. New York. Spain. Anywhere. 

But now, and I am looking at open job positions I find myself deleting all the posts that are in areas outside of…the Bay.

Wait, seriously?
A year ago, if I find myself saying things like “I don’t know, but I want to stay in the Bay- there’s so much to learn here” I would probably slap myself across the face. What jennytang, are you settled now? Are you cowarding in a comfort zone? What happened to always pushing yourself? 

I honestly don’t know. Maybe its because I finally found a community here where I feel safe, valued, and understood. Maybe I found a few people that have managed to touch my heart whom I learned to love.

Man, I am getting soft.
But seriously, should I stay? But I guess the choice isn’t mine- beggars can’t exactly be choosers.



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