I guess someone from above saw my sadness and decided…

to give me a few orgasmic “I love my life” moments.

Tuesday. I end class at 5, decided to go out on a run because the day was 60 degrees and absolutely clear. Like, see the golden gate bridge and the Pacific beyond clear.

I decided to hit the firetrails, but on my way up I saw a old basketball hoop on cement on the side. With some dirt trails leading away in the back up the mountains- so I went up and explored.

Hiking up, I found the swing up on the mountains, someone sitting there. I turned a shared a look of a miraculous bay, and decided to leave her alone.

Wandered some more. found a slightly sloped clearing among the trees, and sitting there all alone baby-pink sofa chair with a background hill of prairie grass and yellow daisies. The chair was facing the most perfect angle of the clock tower, the bay bridge, and the far off clouds letting rays of light poke through. There I was, surrounded by the woods, grasses gently blowing in the breeze, looking at the most beautiful side of a place called home.

And I did a little jumping dance surrounded by awesomeness. 🙂

Continuing up the trail, I found the big C, and there were a group of graduate students sharing a cigarette and some beer. I asked them where they’re from and they said Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand. I decided to join their little group- they studied in College of Natural Resources as well, and was in the graduate Agricultural Resource Economics department. And somehow they knew the grad student that I randomly had lunch with a year ago!

Next thing I knew, 2 deer walked over to our left, and nibbled on nearby grass. And old man with a walking stick slowly over, bowed down in gratitude that we had garbage bags and are picking up after ourselves, and told us the history of the Big C. After that, he walked back down the hill, singing to himself.

So there i was, passing a bag of Dorito Munchies, drinking Mexican beer, overlooking a view like this.  With deer. And foreigners from all walks of life with hearts also set on saving the environment. Oh, and did I say a view that looked exactly like this?

I passed the old man singing to himself and I ran down the hill to dinner. I stopped and asked him for his name–Leonard.

This is my life. And it is wonderful.


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