To be completed before Aug 2013.

As I am cramming though a freshman Physics class or a midterm tomorrow, I suddenly got the idea that I want to make a

College Scrapbook,

A real, tangible item of printed photos! taking pictures of everyone and everything that shaped my 4 years.

In other words, please don’t delete your facebook photos of events with me! Or, after this midterm season I will simply steal every photo that I like of Berkeley. Watch out photographers.

An even better warning: Watch out Anna Torey Kawai Eugene Jonathan Bonnie Kim Crystal Theresa Jason Jeff Kevin Teresa Evelyn Ashley Ben Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin (:P), and all you other lovely people, you guys are making your mark. 🙂 Permanently!

Anyone want to do it with me? Or, Make sure I follow through with this project?! We’ll keep each other in check!

now that my (mass * velocity) is dispersed. I better put some impulse back into it.






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