Questions and a Comic

Inspired by this amazing comic:

Questions are the doors, the pores
That open you to the world.
That allow the world to enter and leave and transform you.

Questions make you vulnerable, that allow you to feel your insignificance, ignorance.

the more open doors you can handle, the deeper the pores, the more you feel the reality penetrating you. The goal is to maintain the balance between opening enough doors so you are never fixated on one direction of entering reality,
yet still open them deep enough to remind you of your smallness at your core.

Questions are the windows, the hallways, and doors that tease:
beckoning you to explore, dream, discover.


When I joined Gracepoint fellowship, many times  I told them there are questions that I think we are not meant to answer. I sometimes felt drained by going to church, leaving feeling less inspired and more trapped. Its not because they don’t address good questions, in fact, some questions are downright mind-boggling,
but the problem is that with every good question they bring up they also provide and answer.

They discourage the floating lifestyle. Yet, while it is lonely and scary and uncertain, I feel more in tune with life that way. Life is not meant to be certain, I think.

“Answers to the most worth asking questions, which ironically are not meant to be answered, regardless of our great effort to do so…

definitive answers to such questions would rob us our freedom. Freedom of choosing what’s worthy and what’s not, acting on faith, changing your mind, and being responsible for all these choices.” 

Check out that comic.

Good answer, Alex?

p.s. If answers are to action (doing). then questions are to…?


One thought on “Questions and a Comic

  1. The analogy that I made many years ago was answers -> strategies, and questions -> goals. There might be an answer that exists without action necessarily being taken, I think. For instance, calculus homework.

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